Bituminous Solutions

Bergkamp Bituminous Solutions is your source for a full range of asphalt emulsion mills and plants, polymer-modified asphalt blending mills and plants, crumb rubber blending plants, laboratory plants, storage tanks, and mixers.  We provide not only the highest quality equipment, but also provide solutions for your operations.  We have experienced people that can offer advice on manufacturing asphalt emulsion and modifying asphalt.  Bergkamp Inc. believes this level of support, based in the USA, will be beneficial to your operations.

Our enhanced product line allows owners of roadways to be even more efficient in the construction, maintenance, and preservation of their road infrastructure.  Our equipment is manufactured by DenimoTECH, SA.  DenimoTECH has been manufacturing asphalt emulsion and blending equipment in Denmark for over 30 years.  This experience has resulted in a high quality, high performance, state of the art milling system that provides the proper particle size and distribution; and the systems will perform at this level for many years.

Whatever your needs may be, we will work with you to determine the best equipment solutions for your operation to ensure a long term, high performance operation.

Solutions we can offer you:

  • Need to know how to manufacture asphalt emulsion?
  • Need to know how to modify asphalt?
  • Need to build any asphalt (bitumen) facility?
  • Need to modify or improve an existing facility, help with a formula, asphalt quality issues, material storage issues, any asphalt technical issue?

We can do that!

We offer industry leading start up services, training, response time, and warranty. If you have any questions or if we can help you with any technical issue that deals with asphalt, please contact us now. If we can’t provide an answer right away, we will point you towards the resources you need.

Product Solutions