Bergkamp’s Equipment Service Technology Portal

Thank you for your interest in BEST: Bergkamp’s Equipment Service Technology Portal. We are releasing this tool to customers over the next two months. If you are interested in participating in this roll out, please click here to email us.

In the email use BEST as the subject, in the body of the message please list your name, company name, phone number and email address. It would also be helpful if you could list all of your Bergkamp equipment by Serial Number.

We will need to configure your access so that you are able to see the parts manuals for your equipment.

As we add functionality to BEST, this will be your site for all of your Repair Parts & Technical Support. Please rest assured the all of your friends at the CBU will still be available for parts, service, & technical support.

BEST is meant to provide this support 24/7 all over the world where internet access is available.

Primary Features of BEST:

  1. Interactive Parts Manuals for your equipment will be available anywhere you have internet access.
        a. Your Authorized Team Members will be able to find the parts they need.
        b. Add parts to a cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon.
        c. They will be able to view Technical Documents related to these parts and your Bergkamp Equipment,
        just by clicking the related items icon.
        d. Information on the part by clicking on the i icon.
        e. They will be able to Request a Quote for Repair Parts: From any mobile device and anywhere they have
        internet access

          i. When a request for a quote is submitted and email will be sent to Bergkamp’s Parts Department
        ii. Additional email can be sent where each customer would like

        1. To a supervisor
        2. To your parts department
        3. To whomever needs to be notified of parts requests within your company
  2. Technical Documents related to your equipment will be available.
      a. These will be related to parts an applicable, as well as available in your library
  3. Videos & Pictures will be incorporated
      1. a. Pictures can be uploaded
      b. Training videos will be added in the future
  4. Critical information can be communicated direct to all customers
      1. a. Required information such as safety items must be read before a use can navigate through the rest of
      the system.

BEST Training & Support

Training on the use of BEST will be provided by Bergkamp’s CBU Department. It will consist of email documents, direct
phone conversations, as well as online support documents.

Bergkamp is very excited about bringing this technology to our Customers and resetting the standard for Customer
Support in our Industry.

Bergkamp Inc.
Bergkamp Inc.