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We understand when you need a part, you usually need it NOW. Many of our parts are available to ship within 24 hours and our dedicated parts professionals will work with you to get your parts as soon as possible.

Here’s how you can order parts:

(800) 283-7226 Toll-Free

(785) 825-1375 Main Office


Now Available. Bergkamp’s Asphalt Remover

5-Star-Bottle-5 Small HR

Created from sustainable vegetable oils, Bergkamp offers an environmentally responsible asphalt remover and cleaner that will safely break down and emulsify hardened, adhered asphalt and asphalt sealers from your equipment and tools. This specially formulated cleaner was designed to deliver a quick, safe, biodegradable alternative to diesel fuel, while providing superior performance — allowing you to replace many petroleum- and citrus based cleaning products. No mixing required.

• Pavers
• Pothole Patchers
• Liquid Asphalt Distributors
• MTV Wash-down Systems
• Bed Releases
• Tools and Other Equipment

Available in:

16 oz (single)

16 oz (case of 15)

1 Gallon (Jug)

5 Gallon (Pail)

55 Gallon (Drum)

275 Gallon (Tote)

To order, contact


Save time with Bergkamp’s Box Width Sensor Kit

The kit bolts onto the secondary screed of a Bergkamp VSB spreader box and is wired to the EMCADS or EMS system. Once activated and calibrated the sensor does all the box width measuring instead of the operator.

The Box Width Sensor Kit has two separate sets of parts, one for Truck/Machine and the other for the Spreader Box so you only order the parts you need for the truck or the spreader box. Retrofit kits for qualifying equipment can also be purchased using these part numbers.

Truck/Machine Parts Number- 024493

(Order one for each paving unit)

  • Receptacle Mount
  • Wiring harness
  • Hardware

Spreader Box Parts Number- 024529

(Order one for each spreader box)

  • Sensor Mounts/Target/Covers
  • Sensor
  • DOT Tape (Applied prior to shipping for Target)
  • Trailer Receptacle
  • Wiring Harness
  • Hardware
Bergkamp Inc.
Bergkamp Inc.