In Stock Asphalt Emulsion Mill capable of producing 45-75 tons of asphalt emulsion per hour


High Sheer Colloid Mill for Asphalt Emulsion Production

60 Ton Mill 024769-3

Designed for the production of both regular and polymer modified asphalt emulsions, this mill produces asphalt emulsion in a range of 10,000 to 18,000 gallons of emulsion per hour. It is new and in stock at Bergkamp Inc. Headquarters in Salina, Kansas. CLICK HERE to download the specification.

For more information or to request a quote, contact Tyler Kee.

Other Key Information

This mill was designed for the production of both regular and polymer modified asphalt emulsion. Engineered with the capability to emulsify a wide range of asphalts, including those that normally form poor particle size distribution and result in poor emulsion quality. It is fitted with a double mechanical seal, highly durable silicon carbide sleeve bearings, easily adjustable gap, and corrosion-resistant rotor and stator. All wetted parts are made of treated stainless steel for corrosion resistance against low pH emulsions. Adjustable speed capability optimizes particle distribution and emulsion characteristics for better quality. High-efficiency mill pulls low amperage use per production rate.

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