Asphalt Emulsion Mills


Better mills make better products. Success is in the particle size.


Meet the New King of the Mill

After more than four decades of using the same old run-of-the-mill emulsion mill technology, it’s time for a change.

Bergkamp Bituminous Solutions introduces the new King of the Mill. And we’re so confident in our BKM Colloid Mill, we’re offering a 5-year limited warranty — including the rotor and stator — with an onsite maintenance plan.

We guarantee that the mill rotor and stator will not need re-tooling for wear caused by normal operation (as outlined in the warranty program) during the five-year warranty period. Bergkamp will cover up to $5,000 of re-tooling costs if the rotor and stator need re-tooling due to normal operation during the five-year warranty period.

For more information on our warranty and onsite maintenance plan, contact us today.

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Other Key Information

Finer Control for Ultimate Performance

The particle size distribution of the emulsion is critical to its storage stability. It also directly influences the emulsion viscosity and breaking behavior. In high asphalt content emulsions, like those used in pavement preservation applications, the asphalt ratio can be optimized for a given viscosity specification.

For applications such as micro surfacing, a smaller particle size significantly improves the breaking performance. By controlling the particle size distribution, the properties of the emulsion can be improved and optimized in relation to the local requirements and the available raw material. This may prove to be the critical factor in success when emulsion applications are introduced in new regions or when the properties of the raw materials are changing.

Key Features

  • Provided as a complete package with mill, motor, and seal lubrication system
  • Milling zone with pattern of grooves and teeth for efficient droplet dispersion
  • Engineered for continuously variable frequency drives to optimize the milling process and produces better emulsion properties
  • Variable gap adjustment to control droplet size distribution
  • Low relative power consumption
  • Low noise
  • High alloy stainless steel all through the mill, allows production of extremely low-ph emulsion grades and minimizes the need for flushing
  • Available in sizes from 5 to 60 t/h and in a laboratory version of 300 l/h

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