Flow Boy™ The Original Live Bottom


Material Transport Equipment

Flow Boy Truck Mount Clean with Logo LR

We are thrilled to announce we have acquired Flow Boy™ — The Original Live Bottom.

Flow Boy is synonymous with Live Bottom equipment and has a long history of excellence in the industry.

We intend to honor that tradition with continued support from the entire team at Bergkamp.

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Key Features

  • Unload up to 23 cubic yards of hot asphalt in less than one minute from inside the cab.
  • Automatic chain tensioner maintains proper tension at all times. The entire assembly can be easily replaced with minimal disassembly.
  • 60 degree sidewalls keep product flowing smoothly to the conveyor.
  • A double layer of insulation keeps asphalt hot, even during long hauls.
  • The end gate is hydraulically controlled and provides a large opening ensuring a smooth flow of materials.
  • The conveyor speed is controlled from within the cab allowing workers to remain a safe distance from hot asphalt and moving parts.

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