Mobile Stockpile


Mobile Support Unit

Bergkamp Mobile Support Unit

Bergkamp Mobile Stockpile

Mobile Support Unit

The new Bergkamp Mobile Stockpile revolutionizes the process used by truck-mounted slurry seal and micro surfacing pavers. A fully mobile material transfer and storage trailer, the Mobile Stockpile connects to and replenishes your truck-mounted pavers with aggregate and asphalt emulsion on the job site.

By bringing your stockpile on-site, you can take advantage of a process change that will allow you to eliminate driving long distances to stockpiles, avoid overweight citation risks, require fewer pavers, and reduce stockpile coordination issues.

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Key Features

  • Main & Inlet Hoppers
  • Inlet Conveyor is enclosed.
  • Asphalt Emulsion Unloading
  • Mainframe provides stability
  • Tandem Axles provide smooth ride
  • Discharge Conveyor is self cleaning
  • Slinger Conveyor extends and throws material to evenly fill truck.
  • Hydraulic power provides better reliability
  • Asphalt emulsion transfer helps avoide spills
  • Water connection has hose real with 50 feet (15 meters) of flat hose
  • Tow connection can attache to a pintile hitch on the end of a sliding tow bar.

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