Polymer Modified Asphalt Mills


Bergkamp Bituminous Solutions offers DenimoTECH manufactured colloid mills for manufacture of Polymer Modified Asphalt.


Polymer Modified Asphalt Blending Mills

Designed to maximize your productivity

The mill for polymer modification of asphalt is designed on the basis of DenimoTECH’s 30 years experience in the asphalt industry.

The three most critical factors in the design of a polymer modified asphalt mill are: milling properties, rotor and stator durability, and energy consumption. All three factors have been addressed in the DenimoTECH design.

All three issues have been fully safeguarded in this mill design.

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Key Features

  • Provided as a complete package with mill, motor, and seal lubrication system
  • Milling zone with pattern of grooves and teeth for efficient droplet dispersion
  • Variable gap adjustment to control particle size distribution
  • Low relative power consumption
  • Low or no pressure drop
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Low noise
  • Available in sizes from 6 to 60 t/h and in a laboratory version of 300 l/h

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