Semi-Automatic Compact Emulsion Plant


As with all Bergkamp Bituminous Solution plants, our asphalt emulsion batch plants offer high-quality manufacturing, easy operation, and safe material handling. They require less energy to operate, reduce waste of raw materials, save time, reduce downtime, are easy to install and are adaptable to produce a wide variety of material outputs.

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Other Key Information

Portable space-saving design

Bergkamp’s newly designed 12t/h semi-automatic batch plant arrives fully assembled with all equipment mounted in one space-saving 20′ container with easy access to control devices and process supervision. This containerized version is therefore ideal for the busy road contractor or manufacturer who can’t afford installation and set up time. The layout in a standard shipping container simplifies handling and gives low freight costs and excellent protection during transport.

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Optional Equipment

  • Easy Weigh TM Unit

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