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Bergkamp Inc. has been an expert in pavement maintenance equipment for more than 35 years, and works with customers throughout the world. Our success continues to grow through hands-on knowledge of the industry and its products, and our dedication to customer support.

Bergkamp is the only manufacturer in the industry to produce a full-size continuous slurry seal and micro surfacing paver. We also design and manufacture a full line of truck- and trailer-mounted slurry seal and micro surfacing pavers and equipment. In addition, the company offers an all-in-one flameless pothole patcher and a series of spray injection pothole patchers for the market.



M212 Stock Unit for Immediate Sale

Features and Benefits
  • Aggregate Hopper is designed with 55-degree walls lined with Polyethylene to minimize material bridging. No Vibration is required for aggregate to flow.
  • A non-slip belt over chain system conveys aggregate to the mixer.
  • Aggregate feed belt is mechanically connected to the emulsion pump via variable speed jackshaft.  Air actuated Steel Tooth Clutch ensures power is transmitted to feed belt and emulsion pump without slippage.
  • Dual shaft multi-paddle pug mill, each shaft is independently powered by its own direct drive hydraulic motor. Pug mill is removable and includes replaceable bottom bowl and paddle tips for easy maintenance.
  • On-board Power Washer allows for quick clean up.

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M1E Stock Unit For Immediate Sale

Features and Benefits
  • Dual Drivers stations and detailed instrument panels provide operator the ability to drive from either side to ensure optimal visibility.
  • Slide-out pug mill feature facilitates easy cleaning
  • Belt-over chain-fed conveyor for aggregate delivery to eliminate slippage.
  • EMCAD (Electronic Mix and Control Diagnostic) System that electronically ties all material ratios together to help operators easily calibrate the machine, control production, print on-demand reports, and diagnose control system or engine problems.

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For more information on our individual machines, check out our literature page. Click here to keep up with all the exciting news and changes happening at Bergkamp!


Bergkamp offers advanced equipment to address the most pressing pavement maintenance needs:

Slurry seal and micro surfacing pavers and equipment
Pothole patching equipment

All equipment is backed by our experienced staff and is designed for years of trouble-free use. Our machines can be seen in operation throughout North America and the world.


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