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For more than 40 years, the great people of Bergkamp have hand-built pavement preservation equipment right here in the USA. We are industry pioneers and have the experience and knowledge to answer your questions and guide you to find solutions that fit your goals and budget.

For more detailed information about our line of equipment, follow the links below, or give us a call.

Benedict Slurry by Bergkamp Lab Equipment

Testing equipment for slurry and micro surfacing labs

Bergkamp Pavers

We offer the only continuous paver and a variety of truck-mounted pavers for the slurry seal and micro surfacing

Bergkamp Bituminous

Featuring emulsion and asphalt modification plants and our High Sheer Colloid Mills designed to work harder and last longer

Bergkamp Pothole Patchers

Featuring the latest technology in spray patching and our flameless FP5, designed to be the safest pothole patcher in the industry.

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Bergkamp Inc.
Bergkamp Inc.