M1E Continuous Paver Viking

State-of-the-Art Paver Improves Production

Change is hard- for anyone. When it comes to change within a company, long-time employees who have become comfortable with tried-and-true equipment or methods often actively or passively resist the adoption of new technology. But for a progressive pav

Director of Public Works City of Pearsall

Taking Potholes Off The Map

Pearsall's Newly Proactive Pothole Program Is Improving City Streets For those of us who live in northern regions, it may seem as though potholes are our personal bane. But freeze/thaw cycles are not the only conditions that create problems with the pave


Contractor Gets Creative With Grand Canyon Preservation Challenge

Intermountain Slurry Seal faced a wide array of challenges after submitting a bid to repair more than 430,000 square yards of pavement inside the Grand Canyon. Read more about how pavement preservation’s flexibility helped the contractor overcome a heav

Group of motorcyclists in Alpine mountains

Micro Surfacing Scores High Points In Sustainability & Efficiency

The BASF Corporation recently conducted an eco-efficiency analysis (EEA) of asphalt pavement technologies that explains the economic and environmental impacts of micro surfacing and mill and fill. Micro surfacing was proven to be environmentally friendly.