FP5 Flameless All-In-One Pothole Patcher


The Bergkamp FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher drastically reduces material waste with our insulated 5.1 cubic yard electric-heated hopper that keeps hot mix asphalt at a constant temperature and pliable for an extended period of time.



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The FP5 employs the InPave® Technology to monitor production, performance, and location of each pothole patcher and crew. As potholes are repaired, data is automatically transmitted back to the office for analysis. InPave® Technology provides an easy way to monitor production, performance and location of each pothole patcher and for government agencies or contractors. View our Slideshare on Bergkamp Advantage SMART Patching.

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Other Key Information

Potholes repaired using the FP5 have an increased life over the traditional “throw and roll” method of repair. Using the FP5, the damaged area is broken up and squared off using the pavement breaker. The broken out material is tossed in one of two onboard spoils bins. The air and tack wand blow out any remaining debris and apply the tack coating. Tack coating helps bind the new asphalt to the existing pavement and seals out moisture for a better patch. The material chute delivers the fresh hot asphalt to the prepared area and the compactor then consolidates the material evenly with the existing pavement.

The electric-heating system eliminates the added cost and maintenance of hot oil systems and frequent refills of propane common with all other patchers. The flameless pothole patcher has a hydraulic AC generator that powers the full-length, electric-heating elements. These elements produce consistent material heating throughout the hopper, eliminating hot spots and minimizing potential safety problems associated with propane or heating oil.

The truck-mounted unit receives power from the truck’s engine through the live PTO and can run regardless of the truck’s RPMs or speed. A wet PTO comes standard on trucks with automatic transmissions; extending the life of the PTO and hydraulic pump. It also eliminates the need to remove the hydraulic pump to regularly grease the PTO.

The FP5 is now available for purchase through Sourcewell Contract #052417-BGK.NJPA Awarded Contract_PNG

Key Features

Standard Features
  • InPave® Technology
  • Secondary auger motor
  • Propane hand torch to dry out wet potholes and to warm edges
Additional Features
  • Standard 140-degree material chute can be locked at different height angles and in 15-degree side-to-side increments
  • Large working deck provides safe access to the storage tanks and hopper
  • Three-in-one, self-cleaning, air and tack wand cleans the hole, delivers tack evenly and is self-cleaning to reduce clogging (material in tank is aerated as wand is cleaned)
  • Spoils bins are located at the rear and curb side of the unit
  • Controls are located at the rear of the unit – away from traffic
  • Breaker and compactor are hydraulically lowered to the ground to reduce back injuries
  • Plug unit into a 230V outlet during non-working hours to reduce material waste and time in the mornings
  • Short wheel base optimizes maneuverability on city streets
  • Agitator and auger shut down when the hopper doors are open for your safety
  • Strategically placed safety decals in English and Spanish
  • Oversized lockable storage bin

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Optional Equipment

  • Single-drum roller
  • Patented Swing Auger system helps reach deteriorated road shoulders, utility cuts, and full lane wear and tear repairs
  • Arrow board and lighting upgrades available
  • Propane hand torch to dry out wet potholes and to warm edges
  • Sand Spreader to treat icy roads
  • Various sizes of pavement breaker hammers and attachments
  • Pivot Tack Arm
  • 360 Camera System
  • Custom configurations available

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