Sand Spreader


Evenly disperses heated sand to improve traction on roads during winter months.


Sand Spreader – Optional Equipment

Sand Spreader Attachment Maximizes Truck Utilization
One truck, multiple uses. Our Sand Spreader attachment allows you to productively employ the Bergkamp Flameless Pothole Patcher in winter months when patching is not always ideal.

Used in place of the standard material chute or Swing Auger System, it applies an even coat of hot sand to up to 50 miles (80.5 kilometers) of roadway to create traction before and after snow fall and freezing precipitation.

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Other Key Information

Easy To Attach & Operate
Since the Sand Spreader runs off the same hydraulic system as the FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher, switching between spreading asphalt and sand is quick and easy.

The unit’s selector valve shuts off patching mode to prepare for spreading sand. Quick disconnects allow you to easily disconnect the hydraulic breaker hoses and connect the Sand Spreader spinner. Once attached, easy-to-use in-cab controls let you regulate how much sand is being laid down and adjust spinner speed to change the width of the sand coverage from 5 to 34 feet (1.5 to 10.4 meters).

Key Features

  • To stretch your budget, it can be used exclusively or in conjunction with other sand or salt trucks
  • Ready in less than one hour so areas that don’t use salt can quickly handle surprise snowfall and freezing precipitation
  • Easily stored and protected when not being used
  • Non-corrosive sand is more vehicle friendly compared to salt


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