Application Rate Enhancement


EMCAD (Electronic Mix Control and Diagnostic) & EMS (Electronic Monitoring System)

EMCAD System M310 Paver

Application Rate Enhancement

Bergkamp’s unique EMCAD (Electronic Mix Control and Diagnostic) System makes calibration three times faster and simplifies troubleshooting – truly putting the operator in control of production. With the EMCAD System, the driver can continue at an optimized rate of speed without the need to slow down to allow the operator to adjust the production of the material. The operator controls production with simple adjustments from the control platform. Finish jobs faster and maintain precise mix quality for the entire project with the EMCAD System.

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Other Key Information

Bergkamp’s EMS (Electronic Monitoring System) gathers data from paver functions and production about flow rates, material usage, ratios, and application rates. These reports appear on the EMS Screen and allow the operator to print paper reports. EMS 2013 and Newer can be retrofit with color monitor displays!! The major difference in the EMS and the EMCAD System is that EMS only monitors and gathers counts from the paver functions while the EMCAD System controls production. The EMS depends on accurate input and calibration of the M1 Series and M2 Series pavers to report but does not control the paver functions. EMS does not eliminate the need for calibration. Accurate manual calibration is very important to receive accurate reports from the EMS.

The EMCAD System simplifies and shortens calibration time due to:

  1. fixed aggregate gate
  2. elimination of manual calculations
  3. production monitoring in real-time

The easy to use touch screen walks the operator through the calibration steps, makes all calculations, and stores multiple material calibrations in memory. After calibration, simply enter the desired mix design and the EMCAD System will continually control production to maintain the ratios of the exact specifications of the mix design. By controlling the mix ratios, the EMCAD System eliminates the risk of using too much or too little emulsion decreasing profitability. This ensures a consistent, delivered product your customers can count on.

If you require a printed report of the materials your paver used, no problem! The EMCAD System monitors and reports on daily production rates. Using the onboard radar, it provides distance paved and uses operator paving width inputs to calculate actual application rate and area covered while the paver is operating. All daily report information can be printed using the onboard printer. The EMCAD System technology gets you paving quickly and keeps you paving with consistency.

The EMCAD System diagnostic features allow for quick field troubleshooting of electronic and hydraulic components, as well as, providing plain language error codes from the Cummins engine. No more prodding and poking with meters to determine why your system is down. With our diagnostics, your crew can quickly determine what needs to be repaired and get your paver back to work.

Key Features To Remember About EMCAD

  • Simplified calibration
  • Real-time production rate monitoring
  • Enhanced application rate
  • Precise control of mix design ratios
  • Detailed end-of-day material usage printout
  • Easty-to-read indicator lights and diagnostics
  • Operator’s manual at your fingertips
  • Standard on M1E and M310E

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