Bergkamp is a solutions-driven equipment manufacturer, who engages its customer-base to truly understand the challenges they face in pavement maintenance. Your end result is field-proven, state-of-the-art Patching Equipment mixed with real solutions that provide cost-effective, tangible results for today’s demands!

Serving governments and municipalities since 1977, the Bergkamp family continues its proud legacy of leading the Pavement Preservation Industry through Innovation, Quality & Integrity!

Technology Trends & Demands

You’ve probably heard the Industry Term: Smart Patching™Shadow-Asphalt-Contractor-Top-30

Driven by InPave® Technology, this “InFormed and InControl” feature is optional on all Bergkamp Patchers. The Patchers automatically collect critical Location, Performance, and Usage data, from normal patching procedures. You can use this data to plan, analyze, budget, manage and influence changes as necessary.

When you’re Smart Patching™ you have complete control and understanding of your entire process, and all of your Pothole Patching dollars – automatically.


Bergkamp, Inc. is a member of the HGAC Buy SM10-16 and Buyboard Proposal No. 597-19.

We also regularly participate with truck dealerships on various state contracts. Bergkamp also provides for alternative purchasing options to include Tax-Free Municipal Leasing Programs. Our Governmental Sales Team has years of experience with many procurement agencies and purchasing departments. We are here to provide assistance to eliminate procurement headaches and justify your return on your community’s investment.


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Why are materials important?
What is InPave® Technology?
What is the difference between the two main types of Patching Equipment?
What if I hold a Cooperative Purchasing Contract, or I want to discuss alternative purchasing options?
Does Bergkamp Inc. offer factory training?
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Top Government Products

Inpave 2022-Oval

InPave® Technology

InPave telematics delivers the data you need
• Track & Evaluate Crew & Patcher Performance
• Map All Pothole Repairs
• Troubleshoot Patching Inefficiencies
• Maximize Road Quality & Budget Use
• Optimize Pavement Management Planning

Customer Testimonials & Case Studies

March 23, 2017

Xavier Antu, Public Works Director of the City of Pearsall found a video of the FP5 All-In-One Flameless Pothole Patcher that led him to our website. After the purchase of their FP5, he was quoted say...

December 14, 2016

The Regional Sales Manager, Bill Tharrington, received this letter from Mark Gundersen the Operations Manager of Arlington County Department of Environmental Services after their purchase of the FP5 F...

October 11, 2016

"The residents are happy because the smaller potholes aren’t turning into larger ones anymore. Before, we consistently repatched potholes and at times had trouble providing an acceptable road surfac...

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