We proudly announce the launch of our e-commerce site, offering for the first time the chance to purchase our Benedict Slurry by Bergkamp equipment online.







Benedict Slurry Seal was founded in 1968 by industry pioneer Ben Benedict, who designed a series of innovative tests and equipment to measure slurry and micro surfacing performance on the roadway. Many of those tests are still in use today. Over the years, Benedict Slurry Seal became a global leader in sales of testing equipment for the pavement preservation industry.

Bergkamp recently acquired Benedict Slurry Seal, and shares its commitment to the industry. We are proud to make the Benedict Slurry Seal products available through our new website, and you can count on the fact that the line’s reputation for unsurpassed quality and performance will continually improve under Bergkamp’s leadership.

* Please note that products may take up to 30 days to ship. Once an order is placed, an email confirmation will be sent within 2 business days, providing an expected ship date. 

If you have any questions or if you would prefer to order via a different method, please call +1 (785) 825-1375, or email our Lab Equipment support team:


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