Swing Auger System


Patented Swing Auger System Simplifies Pothole Patching and Offers More Flexibility In Asphalt Delivery


Swing Auger System

Optional Equipment

Our patented Swing Auger System significantly increases the flexibility of your Bergkamp Flameless Pothole Patcher. This unique optional replacement for the standard material chute allows for precise and continual placement of asphalt so small crews can easily fix many potholes from one truck location without heavy shoveling or difficult hand work. The swing auger system can be used for full-lane “wear and tear” type of repairs versus dumping the material and moving it by hand.  The Swing Auger System can be locked into a side auger position to permit continual placement of material outside the passenger side wheel track for curb work. Already have a flameless all-in-one pothole patcher? Retrofit kits are available for current owners.

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Key Features

  • Wide 8.7-foot (2.7-meter) swing ranges from the driver side wheel track past the passenger side wheel track
  • Designed to reduce back stress and provide unmatched efficiencies
  • Ideal for easy and efficient shoulder, curb, gutter and large utility repairs
  • Easily accessible at the back of the machine to keep the operator away from traffic

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