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Cape Seals Power Pulaski County PCI Boost, Winning FP2’s 2023 Sorenson Award

Pulaski County, Ark., is the recipient of the 2023 FP2 Inc. James B. Sorenson Award for Excellence in Pavement Preservation, thanks to its innovative 2022 Road Improvement Project. The Sorenson Award is presented by FP2 Inc. to recognize superior pavement preservation and recycling practice, usually to a city, township, county or state agency. The award […]

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American Road & Transportation Builders Association

Industry Survey Highlights Buy America Concerns

What happened: Nearly two-thirds of transportation construction contractors expect to incur “significant” additional time…

Bergkamp Updates

Steamboat Springs Traffic Control

Potholes Meet Their Match In Steamboat Springs

Good maintenance practices and quality machinery ensure city encounters few rough patches As an internationally renowned snow-skiing destination, it should come as no surprise that Colorado’s Steamboat Springs typically experiences long winters, with l

ISS Utah Rusty Price PR 1

Micro Surfacing Receives Seal of Approval

Bergkamp Paver Helps Contractor Meet Special Provision Spec When the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) opened bids for the micro surfacing of SR 36 in the City of Tooele in July 2017, it was only after the agency had worked for a year with an expe

M2 Series T3 Times Up

2018 Final Year for availability of M2 Series and M310 Tier 3 Engine Truck Mounted Paver in the U.S. and Canada

Currently the M2 and M3 series Truck Mounted pavers are equipped with Cummins diesel engines that comply with U.S. EPA Tier 3 (T3) regulations and have been legal for Bergkamp Inc. to manufacture, sell and distribute under the TPEM provisions because of our status as a low-density manufacturer. Effective December 31, 2018, this exemption expires and this configuration is no longer legal to manufacture.

M310CS Truck Mounted Paver

Customer Driven Solutions

The M310E is our most technologically advanced truck-mounted paver that encompasses the Bergkamp DNA philosophy. By eliminating the side engine in our M310, Bergkamp Inc. has coupled superior performance and value in our existing design with reduced operating costs and environmental footprint. With the EMCAD System standard on this model, an operator has complete control over production, maintenance, and can pave at an optimized rate for the entire job.

Kendrick Bergkamp Ergon Roadmasters

Bergkamp Announces Jimmy Kendrick as Director of Sales

Bergkamp Inc. announces the promotion of Jimmy Kendrick to Director of Sales. Kendrick initially joined Bergkamp as North American Territory Manager in February 2016. Over the previous decade, his career experience had been spent in management-level posit

2016 Fall Issue of the Pavement Preservation Journal

The importance of supporting advocates of preservation

The 2016 Fall Issue of the Pavement Preservation Journal is available now. Scott Bergkamp talks about the importance of supporting publications that provide a voice to advocates of preservation and influencing surface transportation legislation.


Understanding Your Emulsions

Asphalt emulsions are used in many pavement preservation methods such as pothole patching, micro-surfacing, chip seal, fog seal, and crack filling, but keeping emulsion intact during transport to a job site can be critical to a successful result. Understanding the properties of the emulsion can make or break the results of any application. Emulsion is a homogeneous mixture of two immiscible liquids such as asphalt and water. These two materials are put through a high shear mill with an emulsifier chemical and the result is an asphalt emulsion. The following chart from A Basic Asphalt Emulsion Manual, by the Asphalt Institute and the AEMA lists the types of anionic and cationic emulsions...

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