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Optimize quality and efficiency on your jobs by reducing construction joints and increasing your tons-per-hour paved with the self-propelled Bergkamp M1 Series (includes the M1A3, M1E3, and M1E4) continuous Slurry seal and Micro surfacing pavers. The M1A3 and M1E3 are for Export only and the M1E4 is the only Tier 4 model available in the U.S. and Canada. These pavers receive a constant supply of material as they work. With the help of Mobile Support Units, which bring aggregate, asphalt emulsion and water to the paver.

The M1 series are the only full-size continuous Slurry seal and Micro surfacing pavers manufactured in the U.S., and have a proven history of reliability and performance from contractors. They are ideal for any size job-from residential streets to interstates-including those with strict quality requirements. These unique machines have been used by the majority of contractors receiving ISSA’s prestigious President’s Award since the award was introduced.

Full-size Continuous Pavers

Bergkamp Inc.
Bergkamp Inc.