InPave® Technology


InPave® Technology Monitors & Enhances Pothole Patching Management – Comes standard on all new Bergkamp FP5 Patchers

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InPave® Technology

Standard on All New Bergkamp FP5 Patchers

Don’t just fill potholes, manage them by staying InFormed and InControl™. Bergkamp’s new InPave® Technology allows you to quickly verify your patcher’s functions and performance and evaluate how they affect your overall pavement management plan. With its assistance, you can answer your ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how much did it cost’ questions at all times and optimize your pavement maintenance plans. You can trust the results. Bergkamp has been the leader in pothole patching innovation for 13+ years, offering the first safe, flameless heating technology and patented Swing Auger System that has revolutionized the patching business now equipped with InPave®. InPave® is field proven and ready to work on new and current Bergkamp FP5 Pothole Patchers.

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Key Features

• Track & Evaluate Crew & Patcher Performance
• Map All Pothole Repairs
• Troubleshoot Patching Inefficiencies
• Maximize Road Quality & Budget Use
• Optimize Pavement Management Planning

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