The MAxx Series of Pre-Mixed Surface Treatment Applicators


The MAxx-Spray & MAxx-Gravity; Two models to apply a variety of surface treatment materials


MAxx-Spray and MAxx-Gravity Pre-Mixed Surface Treatment Applicators

Designed to apply a variety of Premixed materials

The Bergkamp MAxx-Spray and MAxx-Gravity are designed specifically for the application of pre-mixed surface treatments; like Onyx, REAS, pre-mixed slurry seal and others. The MAxx-Spray is equipped with a spray bar, while the MAxx-Gravity pours material into a spreader box.

With a High-accuracy spray system and accurate application rates at variable speeds on the MAxx-Spray unit means that your profit is no longer dependent on the driver’s attention to the speedometer, and the high-accuracy spray system saves time, money and manpower.

The MAxx-Gravity model is more affordable, easy to operate and requires minimal training, because the material simply pours into the spreader box.

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Additional Information

  • Both Spray and Gravity models are available in multiple tank sizes
  • MA20 (Spray model) – 2,000 gallons (7,570 liters)
  • MA30 (Spray model) – 3,000 gallons (11,356 liters)
  • MA30G (Gravity model) – 3,000 gallons (11,356 liters)

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Key Features

    MAxx-Spray Model (MA20, MA30)

  • Accurate application rates at variable speeds
  • High-accuracy spray system that reduces the need to “cut-in” along curbs
  • Clog-free nozzles eliminate plungers and rear operators
  • Low-pressure system – under 50 psi
  • Computer-controlled calibration and application
  • Smooth starts and stops without puddles of excess material
  • Available in 2,000- or 3,000-gallon (7,571 or 11,356 L) tank configurations
  • Full-sweep ribbon mixer with counter-flow mixing technology keeps aggregate in suspension
  • Ribbon mixer is operable during transit, pumping and spraying operations
  • Quick clean up with standard water tank and high-pressure power washer
  • Computer control system allows all systems to be operated from inside the cab
  • Patented Spray System improves accuracy and clog-free spray nozzles reduce downtime and eliminate the need for a rear operator
  • The unit is powered by a PTO-driven hydraulic pump that delivers plenty of power to operate all systems simultaneously
    MAxx-Gravity Model (MA30G)

  • Material mix design is made to precise specifications at a central mix plant, resulting in no operator calculations and minor on-the-job adjustments to spreader box and water functions.
  • Premixed material loads directly into the tank and easily flows into the spreader box for application.
  • Full diameter sweep agitators keep the material homogenous and the aggregate in suspension.
  • Full-length ribbon mixer mixes the material and keeps it moving inside the tank which discourages segregation and separation.
  • Works with a standard spreader box; augers are optional
  • Requires a small crew with minimal training
  • Cleanup is quick and easy with a standard 300-gallon water tank and high-pressure power washer
  • Both MAxx models are available for purchase through Sourcewell Contract #052417-BGK.

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Optional Equipment

  • Second material pump decreases loading time and increases application speed
  • Night vision backup camera with sound
  • Laser level sensor estimates the level of material in the tank so the operators know when to stop and refill. The sensor only detects the level, and it is not an accurate measurement of materials used.

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