The Bergkamp MAxx Gravity - Premixed Surface Treatment Applicator


Designed to apply a variety of premixed surface treatment materials

MAxx Gravity Utah Compiled

The MAxx-G is designed to make road preservation easy.

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The Bergkamp MAxx Gravity is designed specifically for the application of premixed surface treatments; like Onyx, REAS, premixed slurry seal, and others. Application is easy. Simply load the material into the tank and the MAxx Gravity pours it into a Bergkamp spreader box for a smooth consistent application.

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Additional Information

MAxx Gravity Applicators are available in multiple tank sizes

  • MA20G (Gravity model) – 2,000 gallons (7,571 liters)
  • MA30G (Gravity model) – 3,000 gallons (11,356 liters)


Key Features

MAxx-Gravity Model (MA20G and MA30G)

  • Available in 2,000 or 3,000 gallon (7,571 or 11,356 L) tank configurations
  • Material mix design is made to precise specifications at a central mix plant, resulting in no operator calculations and minor on-the-job adjustments to spreader box and water functions.
  • Premixed material loads directly into the tank and easily flows into the spreader box for application.
  • Full diameter sweep agitators keep the material homogenous and the aggregate in suspension.
  • Full-length ribbon mixer mixes the material and keeps it moving inside the tank which discourages segregation and separation.
  • Works with a specially-designed Bergkamp spreader box; augers are optional
  • Requires a small crew with minimal training
  • Cleanup is quick and easy with a standard 300-gallon water tank and 25 ft hand hose
  • MAxx Gravity models are available for purchase through HGAC and Buyboard cooperative organizations.

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Optional Equipment

  • Night vision backup camera with sound

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