MAXX Pre-Mixed Applicator


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MAXX Pre-Mixed Applicator

Frictional Mastic Surface Treatment Applicator

The Bergkamp MAXX is designed specifically for the application of pre-mixed frictional mastic surface treatments and pre-mixed slurry seal.

Accurate application rates at variable speeds mean that your profit is no longer dependent on the driver’s attention to the speedometer, and the high-accuracy spray system saves time, money and manpower.

View our Slideshare on our Mastic Surface Treatment Applicator.

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Additional Information

  • Available in multiple configurations
  • MA20 – 2000 Gal
  • MA30 – 3000 Gal
  • G-Models provide Gravity Feed Capability

Key Features

  • Accurate application rates at variable speeds.
  • High-accuracy spray system that reduces the need to “cut-in” along curbs.
  • Clog-free nozzles eliminate plungers and rear operators.
  • Low-pressure system – under 50 psi.
  • Computer-controlled calibration and application.
  • Smooth starts and stops without puddles of excess material.
  • Available in 2,000- or 3,000-gallon (7,571 or 11,356 L) tank configurations.
  • Full-sweep ribbon mixer with counter-flow mixing technology keeps aggregate in suspension.
  • Ribbon mixer is operable during transit, pumping and spraying operations.
  • Quick clean up with standard water tank and high-pressure power washer
  • Computer control system allows all systems to be operated from inside the cab
  • Spray System improves accuracy and clog-free spray nozzles reduce downtime and eliminate the need for a rear operator.
  • The unit is powered by a PTO-driven hydraulic pump that delivers plenty of power to operate all systems simultaneously.

The MAXX units are available for purchase through the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) Contract #052417-BGK.NJPA Awarded Contract_PNG

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Optional Equipment

  • Second material pump decreases loading time and increases application speed.
  • Night vision backup camera with sound.

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