Improving State Road 70

State Road 70, outside the city of Rockport, was preserved using micro surfacing over an 8.5 mile two-lane stretch that experienced minor rutting and asphalt deterioration issues.


Application 1 – Strawser Inc., a pavement preservation contractor based in Columbus, OH, applied 131,000 square yards of micro surfacing via a continuous paver.

Application 2 – Micro surfacing sets in less than an hour, so the Strawser road crew didn’t have to shut down both lanes of the road and created only short delays for motorists.

Aggregate From Mobile Supports – Mobile support units supplied the continuous paver with all necessary materials, helping eliminate the number of construction joints and leaving a nice looking smooth surface.


Finished Surface – Most of the job required two coats of micro surfacing that laid 32 pounds of material per square yard for a ½-inch thick layer that improved skid resistance, increased the road’s wear life and provided a better aesthetic look.


Bergkamp Inc.
Bergkamp Inc.