Avoid Brake Disc Wear

Is the parking brake on?

The hydrostatic drive motors on our M1 Continuous Pavers are equipped with a parking brake feature, HOWEVER, it is important to understand that this is a parking brake only and is not to be used as a dynamic brake to stop the paver. 

Avoid costly repairs and to keep your Paver’s brakes in excellent working condition by using the parking brake to park only and regularly test the hydraulic brake release pressure. The two most common and avoidable causes of brake disc wear are:

  • Parking Brake is still engaged when the continuous paver is moving or dragging the brakes. The parking brake indicator light must be off for the paver to be moved. If it is flashing or on, the paver should not be moved.
  • Insufficient Hydraulic Brake Release Pressure

Test the Hydraulic Brake Pressure on all M1E Tier 3 Continuous Pavers by performing a Brake Piston Stroke Test. Download Technical Information Here for your crew to review. For M1E Tier 4 Engine Continuous Pavers, please refer to your owner’s manual.

M1E Tier 4 Parking Brake Control Panel
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