How Technology Is Changing Purchasing

Public Works Departments are being asked now more than ever to do more…with less. It may seem obvious to go with the lowest cost option when you choose materials for pothole repair. The low bid that lets you buy more material and patch more holes. That’s the smart decision. Until it isn’t.

Today’s reality is requiring municipal agencies to track how their repairs hold up. New apps and technologies give people on those roads the ability to report a pothole automatically from their mobile device, so cities are seeing the long-term problems and recurring costs that result from cheap materials. Some cities are required to respond to those reports within 24 hours which puts them under extreme pressure to fix it right the first time.

Because of this, public works and purchasing professionals have the opportunity to champion smart decisions today that will pay dividends in the future. Spending a little more up front saves money in the long run. Don’t let failed patching reflect poorly on your agency.

The City of West Springfield, MA, is one example of a forward-looking municipality that partnered with Bergkamp to make purchasing decisions they could take pride in over the long term. But don’t take our word for it, check out what Rob Colson, Director of Public Works, has to say. Download Here!

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