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Does Your Hydraulic Filter Look Like This?

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Don’t Allow Unfiltered Oil To Circulate Through Your Patcher’s Hydraulic System!

The FP5 filters the return oil on its way back to the reservoir. If your filter looks like this one and the indicator needle is in the red zone, its time for a change. Worse yet, if your filter is restricted, a valve opens in the filter’s head to allow the oil to pass which causes extra wear on pumps, motors, and valves. Now through the end of February, Bergkamp Technical Solutions is offering replacement FP5 hydraulic filters for 10% off the list price! Just mention you saw this Tech Talk when ordering your filter.

Why Order Parts From Bergkamp?

The FP5 was designed to use a filter that is constructed using dense, uniform, glass media. The filter media removes 99.9% of contaminants from your hydraulic oil before it returns to the reservoir. This means more up-time and less hydraulic system component failures when you use our recommended filter. You could purchase it from the local parts store, but it may be an inferior paper element filter.

Important Reminder….

There is no reset on the gauge pictured above. The restriction gauge has to be read when the PTO is engaged. If your operators are checking this when the PTO is off, it will show zero restriction. Make sure the PTO is engaged when looking at the restriction gauge. If its RED the filter needs to be changed.

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