SP5 Spray Injection Pothole Patcher


The Bergkamp SP5 Spray Injection Pothole Patcher provides a simple, quick pothole repair using the less invasive spray injection patching process designed to clean out and repair potholes in minutes—returning vehicles to the road sooner while minimizing traffic flow disturbances.



Spray Injection Pothole Patcher

The SP5 employs the Bergkamp InPave® Mobile Technology Pothole Patching Management System to monitor and manage pothole patching performance for government agencies and contractors. InPave Technology provides an easy way to monitor production, performance, and location of each pothole patcher and repair. As potholes are repaired, data is automatically transmitted and easily downloaded.

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Other Key Information

The SP5 is equipped with a dual aggregate hopper, an industry exclusive, to carry and distribute two different gradations of aggregate allowing for more effective repairs of different sized potholes and cracks. The emulsion system recirculates for faster heating and keeps the emulsion constantly moving from the tank to the spray nozzle and back. A water jacket allows auxiliary engine coolant to flow around the emulsion pump and spray nozzle during cold weather operation, which provides optimum emulsion temperature at all times! It finishes with an engineered delivery system that pulls 50% of the air at the last minute allowing the aggregate to be placed rather than being blasted out causing loss! It also features an oscillating nozzle head to provide optimum coverage of both stone and repair area; avoiding mounding of excess rocks on the road.

Bergkamp truck-mounted spray injection patchers are operated safely at the front of the unit, utilizing industry-leading front-mounted working boom technology for both the manual and in-cab configurations. Units with in-cab joystick control provide full operator control and excellent visibility from the truck cab. Manual-control units provide significant savings while offering full operator control from the ground in front of the truck. This safety feature is not available from any other manufacturer and allows the working boom to be mounted on an existing fleet chassis with no need for special chassis configurations.

Factory-trained technicians will provide field and shop instruction for operating and maintaining your spray patcher, as well as, on-going support for as long as you own your Bergkamp Patcher.

The SP5 is now available for purchase through Sourcewell Contract #052417-BGK.NJPA Awarded Contract_PNG

Key Features

  • Front-Mounted Working Boom – Two-piece folding boom delivers the longest and broadest working reach of 13’ 5” when fully extended, and a rotation angle of 250°.
  • Dual Aggregates Hopper – An industry exclusive and standard feature, dual chambers carry and distribute two different gradations of aggregate to allow for more effective repair of different-sized potholes.
  • Operator Controls – Both automatic and manual controls have been developed with the operator in mind to make pothole repair controllable, truly fatigue-free and more efficient.
  • Asphalt Emulsion Injection Nozzles – Three injectors in the nozzle guarantees homogeneous aggregate coverage and high-quality, durable pothole repairs.

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Optional Equipment


  • LED lights
  • Upgraded arrow boards
  • Traffic cone holders
  • Shovel and asphalt lute holder

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