As of January 1, 2018, the M310CS is named the M310E to reflect the naming convention of our current equipment. Please visit the updated page for new information at

M310CS Truck-Mounted Paver No Side Engine


M310CS Truck Mounted Paver with No Side Engine. Completing paving projects faster and maintaining the same mix ratios for a better finished product is what you get with the M310CS Slurry and Micro Surfacing Paver. Bergkamp’s advanced M310CS slurry seal and micro surfacing paver takes environmentally friendly pavement maintenance to a whole new level.

M310CS Truck Mounted Paver



Truck-Mounted Paver with No Side Engine

The M310CS Truck-Mounted Paver has the same proven design, efficiency, and productivity of the M310 Paver, minus the side engine. Because there are fewer emissions, less maintenance, and mix ratios are computer controlled with the EMCAD System Technology, this is the most advanced paver in the industry that meets environmental requirements for Tier 4 engines.

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Additional Information

EMCADS also simplifies and shortens calibration time due to its fixed aggregate gate. The EMCADS easy to use screen walks the operator through the calibration steps, makes all calculations, and stores multiple material calibrations in memory. After calibration, the computer continuously calculates the material ratios and controls them to precisely maintain the exact specifications of your mix design. The result is a consistent mix to your specifications throughout the entire paving job. By controlling the mix ratios, EMCADS eliminates the risk of using too much emulsion which decreases profitability and ensures a consistent, delivered product your customers can count on.

If you require a printed report of the materials your paver used, no problem! EMCADS monitors and reports on daily production rates. Using the on-board radar EMCADS provides distance paved and uses operator paving width inputs to calculate actual application rate and area covered. All daily report information can be printed using the on-board printer. Control and convenient reporting in one system; EMCAD System Technology gets you paving quickly and keeps you paving consistently.

The EMCADS diagnostic features allows for quick field trouble-shooting of electronic and hydraulic components, as well as, providing plain language error codes from the Cummings engine. No more prodding and poking with meters to determine where your system is down. With our diagnostics, your crew can quickly determine what needs to be repaired and get your paver back to work.

Key Features

  • EMCAD System provides accurate information on the M310’s performance, and includes:
    • Current and average material ratios
    • Total materials used
    • Material rates
    • An end-of-day printout of material usage
  • Inline asphalt emulsion strainer system removes impurities and helps produce a higher quality product
  • A Tri-Rotor pump makes loading asphalt emulsion faster and easier
  • Slide-out pugmill improves access and makes cleanup and maintenance easier

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Optional Equipment

  • Stainless steel water and asphalt emulsion tanks
  • Corrosion-resistant additive system
  • Water Load Pump
  • Spare parts packages
  • Tarp system
  • Fiber Cutter

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